I just reached 8,000 followers, which is insane and crazy and I don’t know what made you come here but thank you for sticking with me!!!

So in honor of this milestone, I wanted to make a follow forever! This is just a small sample size of the people I follow that are so amazing, but making a fully comprehensive list would take forever. So here are just a few of the people who I love seeing on my dash every day! If you like following me, you’ll LOVE following them. If you don’t like following me, well, you’ll still love following them, because they’re cooler than me anyway.

airafleeza || amygloriouspond || bennyslegs || bilbosbackend || camillekaze || daleked || enerjax || fauxvol || gingerthon || ivorylungs || johnnybooboo || katzensprotte || mmmmmolly || msaether || mystradedoodles || rebelcas || requiringflowercrowns || sallyfuckingdonovan || shockingblankets || stitchnik || taikova || teabeforewar || venvephe || willwatsons

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xif you're not on here and i follow you i still love you!! xi just really had to downsize!! xsorry~ xff2
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