Hey guys! Soooo in the 4 months since I made my last Johnlock playlist, I’ve acquired quite a bit of new music, which means that I’ve found quite a few more songs that give me Johnlock feels at inopportune moments! Yay! Here are some of my favorite Johnlock songs! I’ve linked most of the songs to download links I found on mp3skull, so you can listen and download as well, if you’d like. Enjoy! =)

[[Playlist 1]]

1. I Love You, But Goodbye- Langhorne Slim

2. Wild At Heart- Birds of Tokyo

3. All This and Heaven Too- Florence + the Machine (honestly just listen to all of Florence’s songs; i guarantee that half of them relate to your ship)

4. The Call-Regina Spektor

5. Hold My Heart- Sara Bareilles

6. First Day of My Life- Bright Eyes (perf)

7. Ghost- Parachute

8. Kiss with a Fist- Florence + the Machine

9. If You’re Gone- Matchbox Twenty

10. Exit Wounds- The Script

11. Skyfall- Adele

12. Stars- Amanda Brown

13. Home- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

14. What I Know- Parachute (I picture this from Sherlock’s POV, when Sherlock comes home and expects he and John to pick up where they left off, but John is in a relationship with Mary)

15. Fall- Ed Sheeran

16. Addicted to Love- Florence + the Machine (this one is linked to a fanvid because it’s amazing)

17. Ghost- Indigo Girls

18. Gray or Blue-Jaymay (THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES)

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