okay, so i’ve never read any omegaverse fics at all, but apparently it’s a really popular AU… I literally know nothing about it though, it’s like the fanfiction version of homestuck to me

soooooo does anyone have some good johnlock omegaverse fics that would be good for a beginner like me???? 

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  1. juniperrain answered: read ‘Gprdian’ by fresne on AO3. It’s one of the best I’ve ever read. Very detailed, and really gets into the biology of the trope.
  2. coolbeanswithawesomesauce answered: fuckyeahjohnlockfanfic…. here are some
  3. ficklepig said: Oh, dammit, I’m never going to get how to answer tumblr posts. Here: anything omegaverse by overnightbivouac on AO3. archiveofourown.org/use…
  4. ficklepig answered: archiveofourown.org/use…
  5. zincesaucier said: Alphas, Betas, Omegas: A Primer by norabombay should fill you in on the general ideas behind omegaverse.
  6. argyle4eva answered: One of my faves is fanfiction.net/s/77942… but I like it cuz it messes with the tropes. (tbc)
  7. jordonleonieholmes said: There’s some good one for beginners in the omega!verse at fuckyeahjohnlock in their tags. Their reviews would probably help you figure out which ones aren’t to bad since I don’t think any of them are particularly into that AU
  8. hiddlestonedcumberbatched answered: Um… I would really suggest you search up on omegaverse before you start reading it.
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