Just a quick summary of the day, because I don’t want to bore you all haha. But this con has been soooooo much fun!! I went to an AU fic-writing panel and got good info on writing AUs (as well as some great recs), and I bought a “Keep calm and text Sherlock” button that I love with all my heart and soul. Also watching Sherlock episodes with 200 fangirls was absolutely amazing, because everyone clapped and cheered and made “aww” sounds all at the same times. Then afterwards we all went to dinner at this bar/grill place and just sat and talked fandom (mostly Sherlock, of course) for a couple of hours. It was SO REFRESHING having a serious face-to-face conversation with people about fandom, you just don’t get that in real life! Also, apparently someone in our dinner party (which was like 20 people) was the author of A Cure For Boredom, but I was too chicken to go talk to her because her fic freaked me out a bit Atlin Merrick is also here; I hope I get a chance to talk to her tomorrow!!

One of the highlights of the con was the wonderful human being who cosplayed as misplaced Sam Winchester YOU THINK I’M KIDDING BUT I’M NOT LOOK

I know that you want to follow them immediately now so here’s the URL http://morelenmir.tumblr.com/ go forth and follow

tomorrow we’re going to watch reichenbach fall and go to a shipping panel and get ice cream to control our feels. djsfhsdjhafdjkha it’s amazing

basically this con is the best thing ever and I am SO EXCITE for tomorrow aaaaahhhhhh

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    I am so upset that I couldn’t go!!! :(
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    I AM SCREAMING AT MY LAPTOP. You are the coolest, holy crap.
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