Hey remember when I said I was gonna do one of these things

Well here it is! Just because I like making these things for myself and I figure others might like it too.

Warning: may cause feels. It gives me feels. At inopportune moments. Like when I’m driving. Anyway.

1. The Boy’s Gone- Jason Mraz

2. Changes- 3 Doors Down (the PERFECT post-Reichenbach song for John, in my opinion)

3. Come Home- OneRepublic

4. Dear John- Styx

5. Ever the Same- Rob Thomas

6. Ghost Towns- Radical Face

7. Hardest of Hearts- Florence + the Machine (the perfect Sherlock song!)

8. Heavy In Your Arms- Florence + the Machine

9. I Never Told You- Colbie Caillat

10. I Will Follow You Into the Dark- Death Cab for Cutie (one of my favorite Johnlock songs)

11. Make You Feel My Love- Adele (can’t decide whether I see this more as John to SHerlock or vice versa. Great either way.)

12. My Immortal- Evanescence (another great post-Reichenbach one)

13. My Legs Are Weak- Paloma Faith (this song is so beautiful, and I freaking love her voice!)

14. My Same- Adele (a fun one!)

15. All the Pretty Girls- Fun. (another fun one- goes well with the whole “I’m not gay” thing John keeps going on about haha)

16. Slipped Away- Avril Lavigne

17. Soldier- Ingrid Michaelson

18. Take It All- Adele

19. Wherever You Will Go- The Calling

20. Yesterday- The Beatles

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